Play Doom on your Raspberry Pi

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What you will need:
- Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 3B+ (Recommendation: Raspberry Pi 4)
- Raspbian Jessie installed and ready to use
- Any USB game controller
- Any Display
- Doom source code

Several versions of the Doom source code are available.

Chocolate Doom is compatible with the majority of WADs therefore I use it.

Step by Step Guide

01. Boot your Raspberry Pi and connect via SSH
02. Install Chocolate Doom with dependencies:
03. sudo apt-get install libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev python-imaging
04. wget
05. Extract with tar:
06. tar xzf chocolate-doom-3.0.0.tar.gz
07. Compile Chocolate Doom, therefore switch directory with:
08. cd chocolate-doom-3.0.0
09. ./configure
10. make
11. sudo make install
12. Install your Doom WAD File on Your Raspberry Pi
13. No FULL Version? Get the Shareware Version of Doom:
14. Place Full Version or Shareware Version (DOOM1.WAD) onto Raspberry Pi
15. Almost done: Connect over VNC or RDP
16. Run setup routine to configure Doom
17. chocolate-doom-setup
18. Save and launch DOOM
19. chocolate-doom -iwad DOOM1.WAD or
20. chocolate-doom -iwad DOOM1.WAD -window 640x480

Make sure your system is updated, type into the console:

Doom WADs Wikia

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