Get started with your Raspberry Pi

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What you will need:

- Raspberry Pi 4 (Recommendation)
- Power supply
- USB keyboard
- USB mouse
- USB hub (for Pi Zero W)
- microSD card (min. 8GB)
- microSD USB card reader
- Monitor (HDMI)
- HDMI Cable

Step by Step Guide
01. Insert your microSD card into the microSD USB card reader
02. Connect the card reader to your computer, if it is not a internal reader
03. Download SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0.1 for SD/SDHC/SDXC
04. Double-Click on "SD_CardFormatter0501SetupEN.exe" in your downloads folder to install SD Formatter 5.0.1
05. Follow the instructions in the installation window.
06. Open SD Formatter 5.0.1 app. A window will appear on your desktop
07. Select your microSD from the dropdown menu
08. Click Format to format your microSD
09. Download NOOBS and unzip it onto the microSD card
10. Insert the microSD card into the card slot on the underside of the Raspberry Pi
11. Plug the USB keyboard into one of the USB ports
12. Plug the USB mouse into one of the USB ports
13. Plug the HDMI cable into the monitor or TV and on the other end into the Raspberry Pi
14. Plugin Ethernet Cable or use Wifi for Internet connection later on
15. Connect the power supply to the Raspberry Pi
16. Beginners should Raspbian operating system [Select Raspbian] and [Click Install] if needed establish a [Wifi network] connection
17. The default login for Raspbian is username pi with the password raspberry
18. Desktop: [Menu] => [Preferences] => [Raspberry Pi Configuration] - No Desktop? Type " startx" in the console
19. [Localisation] => [Set Locale]
20. [Localisation] => [Set timezone]
21. [Localisation] => [Set Keyboard]
22. Reboot

Make sure your system is updated, type into the console:

Command: sudo apt-get update
Command: sudo apt-get upgrade
Command: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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