Project: ZeroCam

Updated on 06.11.2017
Requirements: ZeroCam for Raspberry Zero, HyperPixel (Pimoroni), Raspberry Pi Zero W

ZeroCam Installation Guide

First update/upgrade your NOOBS installation.
Enable CAM in Raspberry Config

sudo raspi-config
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot

Installing Web-Interface for ZeroCam

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd RPi_Cam_Web_Interface
./ autostart_yes


What's coming up
  • Lightweight OS

    Testing different lightweight OS for Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Research Block List

    Trying to make the best Block List for Pi-hole

    Progess: 366045 valid hosts in my block list file (7222KB).

  • ZeroCam via ZeroPi

    Portable FishEye Cam combined with a Zero Pi W

  • Website-Relaunch

    We're proud to announce our new website has launched.

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